Tips and Solutions for printer problems

Be extremely careful when clearing paper jams.

Some parts of the printer are designed to rotate in ONE direction ONLY

Before calling for Technical Support…
  Try to be near printer when you call us for
    technical support.

  Find out what recent work may have been
    performed on the machine.

  Save samples of defective print.
  Note if the problem is intermittent or a
    "hard" error or permanent problem.

  Check to see if printer is under warranty.

Print defects…
  Try a different toner cartridge.
  Clean excess toner and dust from the
    paper path

  Save a copy of defective print.
  Stop print halfway through machine to see
    if the defect occurs  on the drum

  Determine if the defect repeats going
    down the page.

Paper path problems (Jams)…
  Check for obstructions
  Determine exact location of paper jams
  If possible, try alternate paper path
  Is paper leaving tray
  Is paper tray overfilled

Printer will not communicate…
  Be sure the printer is set to the proper inter
    face mode (Serial or Parallel)
  Try the printer on a different computer.
  Check software setup and options.
  See if its engine test works.
  Change the printer cable.

Error codes…
  Write down error code exactly as it appears
  Note what events took place as the error
    code occurred
  Turn printer off and back on to see if error
    goes away

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