Make sure automatic protection is turned on at all times. Automatic protection is already set up for you when you install Norton AntiVirus using the preset options.

Perform a manual scan (or schedule a scan to occur automatically) of your hard disks weekly. These scans supplement automatic protection and confirm that your computer is virus-free. A scan is already scheduled to run automatically once per week when you install Norton AntiVirus using the preset options.
Scan all floppy disks before first use.

Update your virus definitions files regularly

Create and maintain a Norton AntiVirus rescue disk set to facilitate recovery from certain boot viruses.
Make periodic backups of your hard disk.

Buy legal copies of all software you use and make write-protected backup
a number of virus packages are available. We recommend that they be obtained on a cd and updated on the web constantly.

CDs can be used to boot a failed system with most virus checkers .. for recovery purposes.

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