Many businesses today recognize that without a strong web presence they will lose customers to their on-line competitors. That strength lies not only in a web site with good content and interactivity, but also with strong design. If good content keeps internet visitors coming back again and again, then effective graphic design gets them to look at it in the first place.

At Alphamega, web design is centred on helping your site meet your goals and to meet the needs of your visitors. Whether your aim is corporate and conservative, flashy and colourful, or cutting-edge creative, Alphamega can create a web site that dances, dazzles and sings. We make sure your site stands out by providing award-winning art, layouts, animation, music and video.

Alphamega designers take a unique view of internet design -- it should be a cohesive implementation of HTML and graphics by one person with the help of many. We do not separate the technical coding from the layout and graphics. In our view it is all one page and should be designed in that manner. Even when delivering database integration, electronic commerce, or any other custom web program, our artists design the way the data outputs are laid out.

We take pride in our design work and we work hard to build a web site that meets your internet goals, whether that is electronic commerce or simply providing company and product information. It has often been said by Alphamega clients that our designs were "more than I could have thought to ask for." We think you will find the same to be true as we work with you and for you to create the best web site possible.

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